Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Prayer

Dear one,

There are no gifts I can give you which will fill your heart with all the special things you deserve. So this Christmas I offer this prayer, asking the One who knows us all to give you His very best.

In His great heart of love He knows all we need, and in His love He longs to give us many treasures of the spirit.

Firstly, I pray for your happiness. Not the kind that comes from events or longed-for acquisitions, but deep abiding happiness that will be there even if you have nothing else special going on. The Bible calls it joy, so that is my prayer for you—joy that lasts even when things aren't going just right.

Next I pray for peace in your heart. Now that can sound boring, but I don't mean a lack of excitement, an empty feeling, or surcease from activity or challenge, but rather a sweet knowledge that God is in control, and that He won't let anything happen to you that you and He can't work out together—a quiet certainty that gives you rest inside, even when you are working hard or the pressure's on. Deep peace.

My prayer wouldn't be complete without praying for you to have faith. Some people think faith means blindness to reality—an overly optimistic outlook that denies the facts. But real faith, the kind I wish for you, is based on the most wonderful realities of all—God and His love and His promises to you. That kind of faith that knows that God wants only the very best for you and has the power to bring it to pass. That kind of faith comes from reading His Word and finding in your heart that you know it is true. That's the kind of faith that moves mountains.

I pray for you to have wisdom and understanding, so that you can look at life around you and then to Heaven above, and find there the answers and explanations and guidance you need—God-given wisdom that gives you patience and faith for others and points the way in difficult moments.

And last but not least, I pray for you to experience love—great love, overflowing love, patient love, wise love, sweet love, fun love, exciting love, purposeful love, abiding love, strong love, encouraging love, God's love in all its wondrous forms.

For all these reasons, God came down at Christmas in the form of a little baby to give us all these things—happiness, peace, faith, wisdom, and most of all, love.

So my prayer is that this Christmas, you will experience these in a greater way than ever before. That you will let that little baby and His message into your life. That you will take the Christ child into your heart, believe His promises, and experience all the wonders He has for you.

I pray all this for you, because I know that Jesus wants to give you these things anyway, because He loves you—and I do too.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday 2 YOU!!

Mi queridisima Bunny, como te quiero, te amo! Gracias por se tu, por se una amiga de corazon, y un buen ejemplo de fe y confianza en nuestro Amor.
I know this is early, but the comp is not really being cooperative most days, so I must take advantage...
You were with me through some real rough spots, thank you for not letting go in prayer. Thank you for staying cheerful and positive.
This is such a special year...and one that you will always remember. I pray that something really special will happen on the 29th. Just hold that baby for me and give him a big hug and squeeze from her tia Debbie, okay?
Happy **Bithday....I edited it for your sake. :p Te amo!

A Friend Is....

Someone who is always there for you,
Doesn't care what you are like
And loves you no matter what.
Lends a hand when you have fallen,
Lends a listening ear when there is no one else.
It loves you for being you
And knows no limits when you need help,
Makes you laugh when you feel like crying,
And when you cry it always gives a comforting hug.
Knows what you like, even when you say you don't.
When you're sick, they're always the first one there.
Knows when to cry with you
And knows when to make you laugh.
Thanks God for you, even when you've done something terrible.
Knows when your heart is broken...
Only a true friend will understand...
--E. E. V.

This is to all my dear friend who have been with me through ups and downs. Thank you for your prayers, for you words of cheer and for your tender hugs. I know I don't say it enough, but without you, I really could not, would not make it. YOU are the best thing that He's given me. Thank you for your samples of love, faith, endurance, praise...and I could go on and on about you...yet, my words would not be enough.
Today the 28th of Nov and tomorrow the 29th, some of my closest friends will be starting a new year full of challenges and new beginnings-- I wish you the best with all my heart and hope that in some measure I can be the help that you have been to me.
Thank You, Jesus for these my co-workers and friends. I LOVE YOU!

Happy Birthday 2 YOU!!

Joe, hope you have a wonderful birthday! Praying that it will be the best offensive birthday ever!
Thank you for always reminding us to stay positive and making us laugh when we felt like crying. Thank you for your super sweet hugs!!! We miss them--I am speaking for the both of us as I am sure that Bunny will agree with all of the above. Thank you for being a true friend!
Enjoy yourself and all that the Lord has for you this new year. HAPPY 20th NEW YEAR!!!!

PS. Te amo mucho much! Keep smiling cuz God loves you and so do I....:D

Monday, October 27, 2008


While in England I was staying for a while in a home called the Phoenix home...but for some reason called Oasis home by most ha ha!
They have a super cool ministry with the youth in England going around to Wales and Plymouth and other cities doing skits and witnessing to the youth there. I went with them a couple of times and the skits were both fun, moving and got a lot of attention from the young ppl that are searching for the truth. Here are just a few pics of them in "action" But I hope to get some links and definitely a lot more pictures.

Faye with a couple of guys she met while performing the show.

Top left to right: Dee Jay, Sam, Anthony and Josh with some teens.

Jesus(Josh picks Faye up) while the crowd watches the end of this particular play(called: The four horse man of the apocalypse)

War(Dee Jay) Grabbed Faye while trying to convince her that war was the way to freedom and urging her to choose him over all the other horse man.

Jesus fights war and defends the girl (Faye) from the attack.

I'm back!!!

Hey everyone!! So after a long 6 months I finally "remembered" as did Debbie that we had a blog haha! And we just thought to post some things since it's been a while since we last did. Lots and lots of things have happened in the last 6 months including major changes for both Debbie and I in a whole lot of major one for me is besides the fact that I am now in Mexico staying with my family I also happen to be pregnant...yes funny things DO Debbie hush and don't say a thing...I love you!

I hope you like this few pics of my belly and will keep you all posted. I LOVE YOU!! XOXOX

I was 4 months there when I just arrived to Mexico

5 months there, sorry a couple of the pics are a bit blurry.

In this pic I was 5 months, but I'm at the end of my 6th month now.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lifehouse's Everything Skit